How To Revert WordPress Themes and Plugins To Previous Version?

Last updated on: August 3rd, 2015


Imagine a new update is released by WordPress and you update your website to the latest version and the moment you load the website……BAM! Website is broken or you’re greeted with a blank white screen. That’s some serious pain, right? You’ll probably have to re-install wordpress if you have previous version’s files or else work you way through fixing bugs in the plugin or theme files.

With every new released version of wordpress, plugin or theme, there is always a possibility that the update may screw up the website. WordPress also, doesn’t allow us to roll back to previous version. Thankfully you have the WP-Rollback plugin to rescue you. You can install this plugin and upon activation it will allow you to revert back to previous version of any installed plugin.

We recently used the plugin to roll back to older version of a plugin on our client’s website. It helped in temporally keeping the website live, while we fixed the compatibility issue of other plugin with latest release of wordpress. Very good tool i must say to have in your arsenal.