Showing Code Snippets (HTML, CSS, PHP) in WordPress

Last updated on: August 3rd, 2015

Show Code Snippet WordPress

If you have ever pasted html, css or other language code in wordpress, the output in the post page must be either gibberish or it won’t show at all, right? Well, then how to display code snippets properly in wordpress posts or pages? Displaying HTML, CSS, PHP or other languages code snippet in wordpress editor requires you to install a plugin otherwise if you just paste in your code in the editor, then the output may be messed-up or it won’t show at all.

WordPress’s text/html editor is plain and doesn’t show syntaxes highlighted. The plugin we recommend using is HTML Editor SyntaxHighlighter. It displays code snippets in color mode just like a code editor application does. It displays your code beautifully and renders the output perfectly in wordpress posts or pages. It’s definitely a must have plugin for blogs or websites that regularly publish coding tutorials.